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Cigna Health Insurance is the greatest and oldest Insurance Company in North-America established more than 200 years ago as root of health insurance service. This company was established in Philadelphia State in 1792. They started their journey as marine insurance company worldwide. With the beginning of Connecticut General Life Insurance during the Civil War, in 1982 the company attempt to change their name as “Cigna”. Now days the company offers wide variety of healthcare coverage with medical, dental, vision and assorted supplemental policies, according all other demand for a health insurance customers.
During the disastrous Chicago fire of 1871, the company accomplished an outstanding job for stability and paid full claims of policy even with the high reputation. Cigna Insurance becomes international in 1887 founding their branch offices in London, Buenos Aires and Vienna.
Cigna Health Insurance is dedicated to helping the people providing and improving their health and life, well-being and sense of security for customers. Working almost 40,000 employees to servicing 90 million customers around the world on average of their service relationship. They have sales capability in 30 countries. The company has huge annual revenue of more than $30 billion assets.

Cigna Overview

Cigna Health Insurance Products & Plans:

CIGNA supplies Medical, Dental, Pharmaceutical, Behavioral, Accident, Vision, Life and Disability products, commissions, services including insurance.
The supply policy with a categorized plan to satisfy all kinds of customers such as:

Pro-Health Insurance Plan: Comprehensive coverage for treatment of diseases leading up to and during hospitalization enabled design have been added to this plan.

Pro-Health Insurance Plus Plan: This plan designed to assure economical support in critical times to giving easy access of quality hospitals worldwide.

Pro-Health Insurance-Preferred Plan: This is a unique plan to take care of all your hospitalization related worries with power packed benefits that give you worldwide emergency coverage at any place as you are away from home and extra chance with reward in renewal of policy systems.

Pro-Health Insurance Premier Plan: This plan designed to provide high insurance coverage with world class end to end benefits from starting in the hospital to rest in home full care. Also in includes worldwide emergency coverage up to full Sum Insured, which made it all in one premier pack.

Lifestyle Protection-Critical Care Plan: This plan will support your lifestyle protection and critical care both with financial support in critical times to giving you quality hospitality.

Global Health Group Policy: This plan designed for a group of local people working abroad and foreign people working abroad under one umbrella to coverage the employees and their dependents.

Lifestyle Protection-Accident Care Plans: Your Future Plan is not predictable. Sometimes disaster, accident, unexpected wrong done and other can dismiss your plan also make uncertain. This plan categorized to help you and your family, loves one and protect their health and support.


Company Financial Status:

Ticker Symbol                                              Cl
Assets & Premiums: 20 Revenues         $30.5 Billion
Standard & Poor’s rating                          A
Fitch rating                                                 A+
Moody’s rating                                          A2
A.M. best Rating                                      A (Excellent)


Earlier Company Reorganization:

Among the health writers Cigna was one of just six companies honored by the National Business Group.
For the global commitment to corporate social responsibility Cigna got best health policy claim by the World Affairs Council-Washington, DC in 2015 corporation of the year.
Cigna was recognized in 2015 of Human Rights Campaign Foundation’s for best companies for promoting workplace equality for transgender employees and other figures.
US Business Leadership Network® (USBLN®) rewarded Cigna to have scored highly on the first annual disability equality index.
Many top Magazine featured them in their various categories of the Health Insurance System as customer demand and beneficent.
Global Policyholders, Claimers, Reviewers monetized and claimed an outstanding over the years from beginning till now.


Cigna Contract Information:

Chairman/CEO   H. Edward Hanway
1601 Chestnut Street
Philadelphia, PA 19192

Sutton (Head Office)
Cigna Insurance Services, Chancery House, St Nicholas Way, Sutton, Surrey, SM1 1JB.
Products Enquiry
020 7359 1269 or 07870 657531
Other Query
020 8652 1313