Liberty Mutual Insurance Company


Liberty Mutual Insurer Company is one of the largest globalized Industry was established at the first time in 1912 as named “Massachusetts Employees’ Insurance Association” (MEIA). They publicly reformed their name as “Liberty Mutual Insurance Company” in 1917. Founded almost hundred years ago supplying compensation in various way their acquisition made their much popular. The Company become the 5th largest P&C company world-wide and the 3rd largest, highest in the US in 2013.

They have more over 50,000 employee and hundred plus agency spread wide. The headquarters of Liberty Mutual’s is situated in Boston, Massachusetts. They constructed Liberty Mutual Tower there in the recent time which is a large sign of an outstanding expended huge business that has been claimed them at number 76 in the fortune 100 list book.

Financial Status:

As a popular biggest insurer company with their revenue asset $39 billion approximately. Not only these, they $122 billion asset manipulating by their management archive to use in risk compensation. This insurer company managed some package which complementary one other like Home and Life Insurance and by their system coverage they feel free to cost much from their risk management to recover both.


Liberty Mutual’s Policy and Products Description

Auto Insurance:

Liberty Mutual’s in one of oldest expert well known car insurance in US and top ten insurer according their service policy than other popular firm. Their recovery supply is

  • Replacement New Car
  • Unlimited Rents
  • Lifetime Reparation Security
  • Replacement of Better Car, which benefit that provides an upgrade after a loss
  • Teacher’s Insurance that provides superior coverage for teachers

Home Insurance

Home is the things and place where you dedicate you whole life afford to make much comfortable for you and you most loving persons. In Insurance system of Liberty Mutual has a good range of home insurance products to cover a variety of types of structures for you. These all as

  • Condo Insurance that provide for the exact requirements of condo holders
  • Landlord Insurance covers homes that are not individual-occupied and delivers exact safety for the risks of being a proprietor
  • Mobile Home Insurance delivers coverage for constructions, liability and more to protect mobile home holders
  • Renter’s Insurance covers individual property for tenants as well as providing other safety

Motorcycle Insurance:

Basic coverage along with plenty of added benefits of Motorcycle also included in Liberty Mutual’s policy.

  • Multi-bike with multi policy concessions
  • Experienced rider concession
  • Safety features concession
  • Safety course concession

Other Vehicle Insurance:

Giving Mutual covers a better kind of specialty vehicles

  • Classic Cars
  • Boats and Watercraft
  • Recreational Vehicles
  • ATVs and Off-Road Vehicles

Life Insurance:

Life Insurance has been added since 1964 and they become popular in this for their extra package system such Life and Car Insurance both with extra coverage and discount and more other package. In Life insurance available

  • Whole Life
  • Universal Life
  • Variety of policy according length of policy term
  • Annuities

Business Insurance:

Liberty Mutual provide a huge number of business insurance from small to large range of businesses according their business variety.

  • General Liability Management
  • Commercial Auto Insurance
  • Employee Benefits including disability, life, leave of absence etc.
  • Business Owner’s Policy which combines liability and property coverage
  • Group Programs
  • Specialty Programs
  • Worker’s Compensation
  • Commercial Communion


Liberty Mutual is highly dedicate to give support with security to their policyholders with their worldwide insurance policies. Their Policy rate always below the average and all of these policies include:

  • 24-hour claims assistance online and offline.
  • Temporary Living Expenses – delivers exposure at the time when a home becomes unsafe to live in because of extensive damage.
  • 24-hour Homeowner Instant recovery Facility.
  • Contractor Network Referral Program – competent, reliable contractors used to perform building cares connected to an insured damage.
  • Personal Property Compensate Facility.
  • Catastrophe Team – instant assessment of injuries and appraisal capitals.

Liberty Mutual’s Ratings:

Their Financial proof and rating at a glance:

Type Source Rating
Financial Strength A.M. Best A
Issuer Credit A.M. Best a
Financial Strength S&P A
Issuer Credit S&P A
Overall Fitch A-
Overall Moody’s A


Liberty Mutual’s Contract:

Liberty Mutual Insurance Company
175 Berkeley Street
Boston, MA 02116
Telephone: (800) 837-5254

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