Amica Mutual Insurance Company Review for Homeowners Insurance

Amica is owned by the policyholders rather than stockholders because of it is a mutual insurance company which is not only highly enough to be economically durable but also sufficient Satisfaction rating in customer service.

Amica Mutual Insurance Company of America was founded by A.T. Vigneron in 1907 in Providence, Rhode Island. As an oldest and most popular American Insurance preliminary they opened their first branch office in Boston, Massachusetts in 1941 and their best homeowner’s insurance policy and service was begin in 1956. Best and Popular reorganization insist them bigger services. For this reason in 1994 they moved their corporate offices into a much bigger and larger campus from Providence, Rhode Island to nearby Lincoln. Basically, Amica is a direct author of personal insurance with auto, homeowner’s, personal excess liability, marine coverage and many more and started as one of the oldest Auto Insurance Company in America.


Their Consultations with you will be directly. So you won’t be dealing with a middle-man if you buy an insurance policy from Amica. The company has 40 local offices and employs more than 3,000. The company has worked to integrate the latest technology into their demand with service management and paying methods which will allows greater efficiency in giving facility their customers.

This Insurance Company gained various awards in their achievement. As a reorganization of their popularity in 2015 they published the award and achieve claim: “This is the 11th time Amica has earned a spot on this prestigious list in the property-casualty category (1994-2001, 2010, 2011 and 2015).”



Claim for best Homeowner Insurance

A home is basically the biggest investment of you own that you’ll establish and manage in your lifetime. You will involve mortgage as frequently need and engraved with a spouse or partner. Big support ensure your loved ones can stay in their home.


Policy Includes:-

Recovery for loss or damage to your home from many unexpected incidences and misfortunes – fire, smoke, theft, vandalism, and more other.

  • Restoration for adding in living expenses if you’re approximately failure to live in your home after a damage of finance or other.
  • Restoration when you’re affected and out from home for incidents such as theft of personal property from your hotel room.
  • Restoration for other structures such as a detached garage or shed.
  • Restoration for credit card loss: unrecognized use of your credit cards you’ll be compensated up to the policy limit.
  • Restoration for the cost of short time temporary repairs to safe from more or further damage to your home after a loss.
  • Liability Restoration provides protection, including the cost of legal representation, from covered claims made against you or a blood relation member living with you for financial, structural damage or physical injury. This liability protection follows you wherever you go, worldwide.


Shielding Inculcation Optimize Your Restoration

Your Individual needs fulfilled for the flexibility of their homeowner’s policy. Suitable restoration policy and scope included such as below

  • More than 30% Dwelling restoration will include automatically when the expenditure to reconstruct or damage recovery of your home will exceeds the restoration limit on your adapting policy.
  • Expended broader protection and restoration for some of incidental damage or loss beyond fire and theft.
  • Scheduled Personal Property restoration provides specific coverage for a wide range of valuables such as furs, jewelry, and fine art.
  • Personal Property Replacement restoration provides full repair or replacement of your own property, regardless of depreciation, more than your limit of restoration.
  • Catastrophic coverages such as earthquake and flood are also available. Their professionals can assist you and give you exact consultation in determining what’s right for you.


You never realize their services affordability unless have an Insurance Policy of them and be a consumer of them but hearing one of their consumers saying you will stuck

“Throughout the whole process, there was never a time that I didn’t feel Amica wasn’t there in our corner, helping us.” – Cindy and Bob, Marlborough MA


Achieve a home Quote

They are dedicated to give service 24/7. It’s about real time live service, not lip service. Find out what makes Amica services special and why it’s the oldest and best Insurance mostly for Homeowner’s

You can visit the Amica website


Call: (800) 242-6422.

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