Credit insurance

There are four main varieties of credit insurance: Life insurance over credit (credit life insurance) pays all or part of your loan if you die. Credit disability insurance, also known as health and aсcident insurance, makes payments on your loan installments if you become sick or injured and can not work. Involuntary unemployment insurance, also […]

Frequently asked questions: Hiring Insurance

What are the neсessary requirements to сontract the insurance of my vehicle with the Insurance Compensation Consortium? The Insurance Compensation Consortium сan only assume the сontracting of compulsory insurance of the automobile on an exceptional basis, in those сases in which the coverage of the risks that are intended to be contracted has not been […]

Top Health Insurance Policy, Cigna

Cigna Health Insurance is the greatest and oldest Insurance Company in North-America established more than 200 years ago as root of health insurance service. This company was established in Philadelphia State in 1792. They started their journey as marine insurance company worldwide. With the beginning of Connecticut General Life Insurance during the Civil War, in […]

Allstate Insurance Overview

Founding in 1931, The Allstate Corporation started personal and casual insurer in America with large area of the world. They working to ensure the peoples as well customer’s disorder and incidence of their life and help to preparing them for 80plus years long. Working close to publicly the company management supervising almost 105 billion dollar […]

Metlife Life Insurance

Overview: Metlife as well as Metlife, Inc. is the property of the Metropolitan Life Insurance Company (MLIC). They are popular among largest global provider of Insurance Policy, Annuities with employee benefit programs with 90 plus million people and customers over 60 countries. Metlife was founded on 24th march, 1868 which is one of the oldest […]

Liberty Mutual Insurance Company

Overview: Liberty Mutual Insurer Company is one of the largest globalized Industry was established at the first time in 1912 as named “Massachusetts Employees’ Insurance Association” (MEIA). They publicly reformed their name as “Liberty Mutual Insurance Company” in 1917. Founded almost hundred years ago supplying compensation in various way their acquisition made their much popular. […]

Prudential Life Insurance

Inside the most other Life Insurance Prudential Life Insurance is the large one Life Insurance with operations in the large space of United States, Asia, Australia, Europe, Latin America and many other region. Providing the customers with a variety of products and services including life insurance, annuities, retirement-related services, mutual funds and investment management they […]